Saturday, May 27, 2017

Animal Control


The Hopkinton Animal Shelter has been serving the community since 1979. The shelter is responsible for the care of rescued and abandoned animals. The shelter also provides animal control services within the town limits.

If you are planning on visiting the shelter, please call ahead to ensure that someone is there to help you.

Stray Animals:

If you need assistance with a stray animal, please call the office at (401) 377-7785 and leave a message if no one is available.

For assistance with a wild animal please call the Rhode Island
Department of Environmental Management at (401) 222-3070.



Dog Licenses Required In Hopkinton:

The Town of Hopkinton requires each dog to be licensed yearly. Licenses are due May 1st. Once your dog has been licensed within the town a renewal will be mailed to you each April.

Proof of a current rabies vaccine is all that is required to license your pet. Cats need not be licensed, however they do require by Rhode Island State Law, to be vaccinated for the rabies virus. The cost of a license is currently $6.00. There is a $10.00 late fee which would bring the total to $16.00. If your dog is in violation you could face a fine which will increase each time you are found to be in violation.

A portion of the license fee goes to the local shelter. If a dog became lost, wearing its license I.D. tag would greatly aid in reuniting it with the owner.

2017 Dog Licenses

2017 Dog Licenses