Friday, June 9, 2023

Vaccine Update

Vaccine update:

Unfortunately, there is confusion with timelines, press conferences, and updates that aren’t necessarily accurate or may change. There are a lot of moving parts and changes that happen daily. Local communities have to respond to what the state Dept. of Health decides, and we have no control over getting the vaccine, just how to help distribute it or get information out the best we can. The RI DOH told EMA Directors across the State that mid-February vaccines would be available for the general 75 + population.

We ask everyone to please be patient with us as we WILL notify our residents when we get more information from RI DOH and will be ready to implement a plan. We meet weekly with the State and even more locally with our southern town partners on this process. We are working together very hard to help all our residents.


DO NOT sign up for the RI Special Needs Emergency Registry as that was not designed to cut the line for vaccines or create a “waiting list” to get them. It is for us to find our vulnerable residents with disabilities that may need help during disasters.

DO NOT call the town offices asking for updates like the media said. This takes time away from daily business and also time from our planning efforts for COVID-19. We will provide the info when we know it is finalized, and you can get the vaccine.

We know that many of our residents are stressed, but do know we are doing our best for you during these challenging times.

Rhode Island Office of Healthy Aging Vaccine Information