Friday, June 9, 2023

Transfer Station Information

Transfer Station

The Town of Hopkinton has agreed for the Fiscal Year 2023 for town residents to use the Richmond transfer Station.  Residents must acquire a placard from the Hopkinton Town Hall before arriving at the Transfer Station at Buttonwood Road.  The placards will be supplied at no cost to residents. The Richmond Transfer Station will accept any trash bags and will not require specific trash bags for trash disposal.


Take Stilson Road (north) – the road between McDonald’s and Wendy’s, follow the road to the end and take a right onto Buttonwoods Road. The station is approximately 1/2 mile on the right.

Usage & Vehicle Stickers

The station is for the use of Richmond and Hopkinton residents only. Richmond and Hopkinton residents may obtain a free sticker from their respective Town Hall by coming in with the registration of the vehicle that will be used at the transfer station. The vehicle must be registered in Richmond or Hopkinton to obtain a sticker. A temporary pass may be issued for a new resident who has not yet registered their vehicle in Richmond or Hopkinton.  Residents with leased vehicles can alternatively provide two forms of residency (i.e.:  car insurance, deed, voter registration, lease, or postmarked mail).

Hours of Operation

OPEN on TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY, AND SUNDAY 8:00 A.M. TO 4:00 P.M. (gates close @ 3:45 P.M.)


View the current transfer station fees (PDF).

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

Many of your questions about recycling, disposal of hazardous wastes, electronic waste, etc. can be found on RI Resource Recovery Corporation’s website


Look through the recycling brochure (PDF) to see what is and is not acceptable recyclable material.