Important Information about Residential Waste Disposal
Sunday, July 3, 2022

Public Works


The Public Works Department is responsible for Town-owned highway and facilities maintenance and safety.

We handle a variety of jobs for Hopkinton including:

  • Bridge and highway maintenance
  • Snow plowing and sanding
  • Storm sewer maintenance and storm drainage on Town property
  • Equipment repair
  • Brush cutting and grass mowing
  • Berm and culvert maintenance
  • Building plumbing and electrical maintenance
  • Hazardous Materials Communication

To report a power outage in your area, call National Grid at 1-800-465-1212. 

Streetlight Repairs

Town residents and business owners should contact the Hopkinton Police Department Dispatch Center at (401) 377-7750 to report streetlight outages or damage to Town-owned lights.

Hopkinton Mailbox Replacement Policy

In the event that if any mailbox or post is damaged as the result of Town snow removal operations, the following procedures shall be implemented:

Mailbox Replacement Policy

Hopkinton Street Light Inventory

Street lights have been turned off and removed by National Grid. The lights that have been removed are highlighted in yellow.

Trash and Recycling Options

The Town of Hopkinton does not provide trash removal or recycling services; however, it has an agreement with the Town of Westerly that allows Hopkinton residents, commercial haulers, and commercial businesses to dispose of trash and recyclable materials at the Westerly Transfer Station. 

Any Hopkinton resident using the Westerly Transfer Station for the self-disposal of trash will need to have their trash contained in a specifically designated Town of Westerly trash bag.  The cost of the bags is stipulated annually, and these bags may be purchased at various local retailers.  Residents will be charged the established fees for the disposal of items such as brush, tires, etc.

Hopkinton residents may choose to contract with a private commercial hauler, in which case they may use any type of trash bag agreed upon by the resident and hauler.

Kindly refer to the Westerly Transfer Station’s website to obtain further information regarding the disposal of trash and recyclable material:

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