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Planning Department




The mission of the Planning Department is to further the goals of the Town of Hopkinton Comprehensive Community Plan and to provide support and guidance for planning and land-use decisions that enhance the character of the community, preserves the quality of life, and maintains the health, safety, and well-being of the people in the Town of Hopkinton.

The Planning Department is located on the second floor of the Hopkinton Post Office building, next to the Town Hall at One Town House Road, Hopkinton, Rhode Island. The public is encouraged to call or visit the department to research issues or to resolve questions regarding planning issues. All current development proposals are available for public review and inspection during office hours. You are invited to visit the department at any time, or for a more detailed discussion, please call for an appointment to speak to the Planner.

Contact the Planning Department Concerning:

Planning Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Plans of Conservation and Development

Subdivision Regulations

Site Plan Approvals

Special Use Permits

Subdivision Approvals

Town Planner

The Town Planner is appointed by the Town Manager and assists, as appropriate, the Town Manager, Town Council, and relevant boards and commissions in the development, amendment, and interpretation of the Town Comprehensive Plan, Zoning and Groundwater Ordinances and Subdivision Regulations; and acts as professional staff to The Planning Board, Conservation Commission, Zoning Board of Review and Zoning Ordinance Review Committee.

Planning Board

Membership and Organization

The Hopkinton Planning Board consists of five (5) regular members and two (2) alternate members appointed by the Town Council each for a term of three (3) years. Terms of Planning Board Members shall be staggered so no more than one-third of the terms expire in any year. Any vacancy during the unexpired term of an appointed member shall be filled by the Town Council for the remainder of the term. The Conservation Commission may appoint an ex-officio representative to the Planning Board, but will not vote and will not be counted for the purpose of establishing a quorum.

General Powers and Duties

The Town Planning Board shall have such powers and perform such functions as are granted or assigned to it by the laws of the State and ordinances of the Town.

Specific Powers

The powers of the Town Planning Board shall include but not be limited to the following: A.  It shall have made available to it the advice and services from of the Public Works Department staff to assist the Town Planning Board in the performance of its functions. B.  It may request additional assistance for special survey work from the Town Manager who may at their discretion provide services or make departmental staff available to The Town Planning Board for such purposes. C.  Within its budget appropriation, it may contract with qualified consultants for such Services as it may require. D.  It has the right to require all Town officials and officers, departments, boards, and Commissions to submit such data as is available and which would assist the Town Planning Board in the performance of its duties.

Specific Duties

The duties of the Town Planning Board shall include but not be limited to the following: A.  The Town Planning Board shall serve as the prime advisory body for the Town on all matters pertaining to planning and development of the Town. It shall keep itself informed of the plans of the State, adjoining municipalities, and the School Committee that will affect the development of the Town. B.  The Town Planning Board shall be responsible for the Comprehensive Plan for the development and improvement of the Town. It shall continuously collect and maintain data concerning present and projected land use. It shall continuously review the existing Comprehensive plan A public hearing shall be held prior to the adoption of an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan either by the Town Planning Board or the Town Council. C.  The Town Planning Board shall file an opinion with the Town Council on all proposed amendments to the zoning ordinance, giving due consideration to the relationship of such amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, and shall recommend to the Town Council, amendments to the zoning ordinance wherever there is a proposed ma major change in or extension of land use, transportation routes, public facilities, or public utility systems. At least once every two (2) years the Town Planning Board shall review the zoning ordinance and the Comprehensive Plan and make recommendations to the Town Council concerning revisions. D.  The Town Planning Board shall review all applications for platting and subdivision of land within the Town. E.  The Town Planning Board shall report annually to the Town Council at the end of the fiscal year, summarizing the work of the preceding year and recommending plans for future development of the Town. F.  The Planning Board shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings.

Minutes and Agendas

Regularly scheduled meetings are the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall. The meeting agendas are posted at the RI Secretary of State’s website, as well as at the Planning Department and Town Hall. Minutes from the meetings are approved the following month and available on the town’s website here. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Call the Planning Office for verification.

Submission of Material to the Planning Board

Material pertaining to matters coming before the Planning Board will only be submitted to the Board through their meeting packets, which are sent to Board members on the LAST WEDNESDAY of the month.  The Planning Department will not distribute any material to the Planning Board that it receives after the packets are sent to the Board members; any such material can only be presented to the Board at a meeting.  If any party wishes to provide additional information or comments to the Board on an upcoming agenda item that have not been included in the Planning Board packets, they may do so at the appropriate time during the discussion of the matter at a Planning Board meeting. In advance of a Planning Board meeting, the Planner will monitor any issues that may provide cause for cancellation and provide an assessment to the Planning Board Chair, who will determine whether a particular meeting will be canceled.  In the event of cancellation, all meeting participants shall be notified by 2 pm on the day of the meeting.

Fundamental Land Use Documents

Hopkinton Comprehensive Plan

A document prepared by the Hopkinton Planning Board with public input and adopted by the Town Council that sets forth a future vision for the town providing for the appropriate protection, development, use, and management of our land and natural resources with provisions for adequate services, facilities and a range of housing choices for all income levels and age groups. The current Hopkinton Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Town Council in 2018.

Hopkinton Land Development and Subdivision Regulations

A document adopted by the Hopkinton Planning Board in accordance with State law and in consistency with the Hopkinton Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Hopkinton Zoning Ordinance that sets forth standard review procedures for local land development and subdivision review and approval. These procedures are intended to provide thorough, orderly, and expeditious processing of development project applications.

Special Plans


Other Boards and Commissions