Friday, June 9, 2023

COVID-19 Vaccination Center Notification List

As the State’s COVID-19 vaccine program continues to roll out to the local communities, we are prepared to begin vaccinating our residents based upon age with priority to our oldest population. Please enroll in the notification list for the vaccine. This list will be used to notify you when and how to register for the vaccine appointment as it becomes available. We ask that you remain patient as the Town is expected to receive a very limited allotment of the vaccine through the next six weeks. Please use the form below to place your name on the wait list. If you have difficulty enrolling, please contact the COVID-19 call center at 388-8476 leave your name and phone number.

Town staff is currently in the process of confirming telephone contact information for residents 75 and older. Any resident in this age category, who has not already confirmed a contact phone number with the Town, can call 388-8476.  Staff will be answering calls as quickly as possible and the public is asked for their patience.  Callers may leave a voice message with their name, address, date of birth and phone number; and this information will be confirmed with a return call.

In order to ensure that those over 75 are served as quickly as possible, we ask that those not in that age category not leave their information at this time.   For all other age categories under 75, as of Feb. 1st, there is no specific guidance from the RI Department of Health on what the protocol will be for scheduling appointments.


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