Friday, June 9, 2023

Microsoft365 Information and Videos

With many changes in technology over the last few years, the Town has decided to move to the newer versions of Microsoft Office products, now called Microsoft365. All town employees with email will see two changes with this migration. Step one will be a web-based login to the Microsoft website, and the second will be a web-based version of Outlook. 

I have gathered a few small, 50 to 90 second videos from Microsoft to help with some basic training on the new version that we will start using. Please review these videos to make the transition more manageable over the next two weeks.  

During this transition over to the new Outlook, all of our email addresses will be migrating over to “.GOV” addresses as well. The change provides each employee with a new email address, but your old address will remain working for an extended period. For example, my email address of will be changing to

We will also be moving to the Web Version of Word and Excel soon, and I will provide similar information as we get closer to that migration.


Initial Login

Register and manage your security information 


Manage Your Email


Quickly Find Messages and Attachments


How to Quickly Find Messages in Your Folders


How to Organize Your Email with Categories


Manage Your Calendar


Easily create an event


Quickly edit your events


Save time with Scheduling Assistant


See your day in your month view


Manage Your Contacts


Add a contact to your Favorites


Remember this is all new, but email is the same!!!!