Friday, August 23, 2019

Bear Advisory


Be #BearAware! You can prevent nuisance problems with black bears by removing backyard food sources such as bird feeders. Without the food attractions, and left alone, a curious bear will usually wander back into more secluded areas.

Prevent issues with wildlife by:
• Removing bird feeders by early April and waiting until early November to put them up back up.
• Refraining from feeding pets outside, or if you do, taking pet food dishes inside at night. Storing birdseed, livestock feed, and garbage in buildings.
• Taking garbage out for pickup on the morning of collection – not the night before.
• Keeping barbecue grills clean of grease. Do not put meat or sweet food scraps in your compost pile.
• Securing chicken coops, beehives, rabbit hutches, and livestock pens.
• Moving livestock into barns at night.

Above all, DO NOT FEED BEARS. These are wild animals.


Click here for the DEM link on how to avoid encounters with a bear and what to do if you see one.